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My friends played the sport so I decided to start as well.

My biggest sporting accomplishment would be playing in the 2014 World Ringette Championships held in North Bay Ontario

Getting accepted into the Pre-service Firefighting Training and Education program at Algonquin College

You get out what you put in.

I like to listen to inspirational speeches on the car ride to the game.

Pre-Service Fire Fighting training and education

I enjoy working out and knitting.

I like the speed of the game. The 30 second shot clock emphasizes the need to keep the play moving fast.

I don't think I'd change anything about the sport. Sam and Agnus Jacks, the creators of the sport, did a great job.

The feeling you get after you've accomplished your goal is priceless

Perseverance to me is making a goal and doing whatever you can to accomplish it.

No goal is too big to be attained. Never give up.

Played for the Eastern Region AAA ringette team in Ontario and won Gold at the 2012 and 2014 Ontario Winter games. Won gold at the 2013 Canadian Ringette championships with the Nepean Belle AA team. Won silver at the World Ringette Championships in the u19 division for Team Canada.